About clothings shoe cleanness maintains small clever trick to be able to help you certainly


Inevitably, there will be many small problems in life, which will add trouble to people, but if there is a clever solution, it will be different! Today we will teach you about the cleaning and maintenance skills of clothing shoes, I believe we can help you!

1,For the ugly yellow sweat under the clothes, you can use a diluted lemonade to solve the slight problem. For stubborn, you can mix baking soda with water, then apply it to the staining area for a few minutes, then perform a general laundry process.

2, I am very afraid that the button on the line will suddenly fall off with a little loose button? In the case of an emergency, you can fill a few layers of transparent nail polish and fill it up, but still fasten the top strategy as soon as possible!

3,What should I do if I accidentally get a little oil on my clothes? Wipe a small amount of dishwashing liquid on the grease. Detergents help you remove oil stains.

4,Put the jeans in a sealed bag and take it to the refrigerator.

5, when the clothes are stained with lipstick, just spray the hair spray on the lipstick stained place, let it wash for a while to wash!

6, leather shoes faded, scratches, but there are no special cleaning shoes for household items? Then use a cloth and wipe with a proper amount of lotion.

7, as long as the “nail file” is cleaned, there will be suede shoes.

8, stockings will be broken accidentally, as long as the transparent nail polish is applied to the sock hole, the “disaster” will not continue to expand.

9,The zipper of the jacket is stuck, no matter how you pull it, it won’t appear. Try applying Vaseline on the cotton swab.

10, the red wine stains on the clothes can be removed with white wine, apply white wine on the stains, then let stand for a while, then take it to wash it!

11, the clothes are covered with liquid foundation, can be used to solve the shaving cream, first applied to the stained place, take a while to wash it.

12,Add a little baking soda to your sneakers after exercise to help absorb sweat and eliminate odors.

13,Loose glasses or sunglasses, no tools to lock them? A little pure nail polish can help you!

14, paint shoes are difficult to avoid scratches, just use Vaseline cotton swabs and then wipe back and forth!

15,If the shoes leave stains due to rain marks, you can clean the water and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1 and finally with a toothbrush.

16, the smell of clothes can be mixed with lemon juice and water, poured into the spray bottle on the clothes, helping to eliminate odor.

17, to make the patent leather shoe polish like new, wipe with a window cleaner.

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