People who sit for a long time roll their necks with a noise


I believe that people who are often sedentary often have such a situation, which makes the twist on the neck a bit noisy. I believe that people in the office will feel the same. Everyone thinks that we are sitting on a long neck and often do not move. This sounds, in fact, this is true, because you don’t wring his neck for a long time, so the body is hardening and the joints are willing to hemorrhage. There is a situation where ischemia causes the neck to dry, and when you The blood in the body, the disc will shrink, so the neck will also ring, and then how should this situation improve? Let’s see.

How the neck rotates in response to responsibility

In fact, a ring of neck ring is the supply of gas and blood in our body, which causes our body to be in an ischemic state in a hard, dry grinding joint. There are intervertebral discs between our spine bones. The intervertebral discs can act as a buffer. When the blood and air of the human body are insufficient, the intervertebral disc will contract and the neck ring will rotate.

For example, the bicycle chain is short of oil, not only is it hard to ride, but also the inside of the ball is humming like a rotating ring on the neck, but the rotation of the bicycle shaft is oil, and the blood on the bone between us rotates. . When our double blood and gas are insufficient, the joint between our bones and the intervertebral disc does not have enough blood supply, and it will form a dry grinding, and the sound becomes natural.

How to turn the ring on the neck

participate actively

Especially the friends who accompany the computer every day, use the computer for a while, will rise up and move the neck at the same time, but do not do 360 degree circular motion, only do 90 degree left turn, turn 90 to the right to ensure the degree of our neck The ligaments on both sides of the section provide a balanced pull.

Stay away from air conditioning

Especially don’t let the air conditioner blow into your body. Because the summer’s pores are Zhang, the air conditioner is blown, cold and wet easily enter the body, which will increase the calcification of our ligaments.

Avoid coke

Reduce all carbonated drinks, including coke, because frogs are gradually cooked in warm water and therefore difficult to take seriously.

  1. Supplementary nutrition

The nutrients mentioned here mainly refer to nutritional supplements. There are many health products now, but they are mixed together.

  1. Open channels and collateral

This is the most important point. If the neck is uncomfortable, the easiest way is to massage the acupoints and dredge the meridians. Do it once a day, focusing on the small intestine and bladder, such as thick creek, carpal tunnel, Kunlun, wind pool, Hegu. Combined with Qihai, Zusanli supplements qi and blood. Make sure your neck is soft and not hard. It feels warm and not cold.

Neck care

Neck cleaning

Cleaning the neck not only removes dead skin and dirty pores, but also makes the skin softer and more conducive to the absorption of subsequent care products. Therefore, the first step in neck care is to do a good job of cleaning. When taking a shower, use facial cleanser or shower gel. Rinse gently after foaming and rinse with warm water.

Neck massage

After bathing, rub your body lotion or neck cream with your hands, then slowly apply it on your neck, then show your hands in a half-fist, massage the neck to the clavicle and gently place it behind your ear. Point with 4 points to massage. Massaged to the sides to open. Repeat until the lotion or neck cream is completely absorbed.

Neck movement

Keep your neck straight, look straight ahead, slowly lift your chin and keep your face parallel to the ground for five seconds. Slowly turn to the right 3 times, then turn left 3 times. Repeat 3 times.

Adjust position

Sleep on your side or squeeze the skin around your neck on your stomach and create neck lines over time. This is reduced by sleeping on the back, and women try to adjust their posture.

Conclusion: Now you know why the neck movement has a depressing sound. Once this happens, you want to consider whether your body has no activity for a long time. At this time, you need to stand up and walk, twist your neck and let the body return to a soft state. More air-conditioning strikes can also lead to calcification of the body’s ligaments, usually drink more carbonated drinks, calcium is not good for the body. Usually when cleaning the body, the neck is often overlooked, but the neck care is not good, it is easy to have some bad conditions.


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