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I don’t know if everyone likes it. When you sleep at night, there will be a lot of sweat in the inexplicable body. If you are serious, you may even get wet and stick out. Not only that, sweat is often accompanied by other symptoms, insomnia, dreams, dizziness, etc., but go to the hospital for examination, do not know where to check, after all, sweating this thing is a more normal thing for everyone. Let’s take a look

Going out of the country, we all know that sweat pores in some toxins will sweat, so your sweating should have no harm to your health, but this is really just normal. It is normal sweat, but you are sleeping. The body is a lot of sweat, then explain that your endocrine system must be a lot of problems, water can not come out of other parts of the body, can only come out from the inside, pores when you sleep at night, the body sweats a lot, then, what happened?

In fact, whether it is the color of sweat or sweat, you can accurately judge that your body is a problem somewhere. If it is normal, if it is normal, then everyone should go to the hospital for treatment in time, or standardize your time. Body, otherwise its disaster will not regret it in the future! Today, Xiaobian will give you an analysis of the specific details of sweating at night, let’s see!

How to sweat when you sleep, you can recover your responsibility at night

Look at the color

Yellow sweat: The sweat is yellow, which is caused by the high concentration of blood, also known as bilirubin. It is mainly found in hepatobiliary diseases such as acute and chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, and cirrhosis. In addition, if you eat a lot of carrots, oranges, oranges and other fruits and vegetables, there will be temporary yellow sweat.

White sweat: white belongs to the lungs, the white color is exposed to white sweat, mostly caused by hollow lung deficiency, often accompanied by weak cardiopulmonary function. Sometimes, severe pain (such as stomach pain) can also cause white sweat.

Red sweat: The sweat is red, mostly related to endocrine function, and may also be bleeding in certain parts of the body. However, red sweats can also occur when taking chemicals such as potassium iodide.

Green sweat: sweat turns turquoise, indicating bile leakage, such as acute suppurative cholangitis.


Urine odor: sweat emits urine odor, dry sweat will also leave crystal on the skin, common in uremic patients.

Stinky: Sweat has a special smell and is more common in cirrhosis.

Aroma: The smell of sweat is often a sign of diabetes.

Three watch accessories

Partial sweating: left and right half-body or wavy half-body sweating, more common in rheumatism, some patients with paralysis, and sometimes a sign of stroke in the body.

Sweat on the forehead: Sweat is limited to the forehead. If there is a lot of sweat and no other symptoms, it is normal. If it happens to a patient, it may indicate that the disease is getting worse.

Sweating on the nose: sweating on both sides of the nose, mostly lack of lungs.

Interlacteal sweat: Sweat is confined between two breasts, which may be caused by mental fatigue, physical fatigue and heart and spleen injuries.

Genital sweating: Sweating is limited to the genital area and is usually associated with kidney disease.

Sweat on hands and feet: The sweat on the hands and feet is mostly caused by blood deficiency and yang deficiency. If the brothers sweat because of nervousness, it is normal.

4 see symptoms

Hyperhidrosis is accompanied by fear of heat, increased appetite, rapid heartbeat, limb tremors, etc., and may be hyperthyroidism. Hypoglycemia may be caused by cold sweat, pale or fainting. Hyperhidrosis is paroxysmal and elevated in blood pressure, probably due to pheochromocytoma.

How do you sweat and sleep at night?

  1. Bedding, bedding, pajamas, etc., should be removed frequently and washed frequently or dried in the sun to keep dry, and should be bathed frequently to reduce the stimulation of sweat on the skin.

2, to maintain the same weight before and after the traditional night, nap to sleep at noon, as long as you form your own rules, do not force change. But for the basic needs of sleep, the basic physiological laws are the same. Whether you are sleeping early, getting up early, sleeping late or waking up late, there is no difference in sleep time or sleep cycle. Also, if you can’t sleep well at night, don’t try to catch up with your sleep the next day to avoid a vicious circle.

3, the effect of night sweats is good, pay more attention to strengthen exercise, but pay more attention to rest, to prevent excessive fatigue.

4, good sleep habits can get the best sleep, to achieve full rest. Before going to bed, use hot feet with hot water, try to grow longer, drink a cup of hot milk, and listen to a piece of light music. This is also very helpful, because several acupuncture points on the soles of the feet are very good.

5, adjust the temperature and humidity of the living environment, such as yin deficiency and blood heat should be slightly cooler in the living environment.

6, appease upset: psychological interference is the cause of most people insomnia. Maintaining a peace of mind, a tolerant lifestyle and a positive outlook on life are very rewarding for a good night’s sleep.

In fact, sweating at night to sleep at any time must be a problem in some parts of the body, so we still have to pay attention to ~ timely hospitalization.


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