Whether hormone is equal to endocrine normal to take you to walk out of endocrine error area normally


Endocrine disorders are a common problem in women, especially under the pressure of urban women. They often cause menstrual disorders due to endocrine disorders, and their skin condition deteriorates, making them very depressed. Once they suspect that they are endocrine disorders, many women will undergo the corresponding hormone test, but if the test results are normal, does it mean that women are not endocrine disorders? Normal hormones are not endocrine disorders and are common cognitive errors in women. Let’s take a look at the 360 ??Common Sense Network.

Hormone six normal does not equal normal endocrine

When a woman suspects that she has endocrine disease, the diagnosis usually requires a series of tests, the most famous of which are six tests for sex hormones.

Six sex hormones include testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin, and follicle stimulating hormone. Six tests are generally performed on the second to fourth days of women’s menstruation.

Excessive or too low levels of these hormones can be regarded as endocrine disorders, and can have different adverse consequences. “Long-term high levels of estrogen can cause endometrial hyperplasia without intervention, and can induce malignant tumor endometrium for a long time. Low estrogen levels can lead to menstrual reduction or even amenorrhea, which is often infertile. For testosterone, high levels may be predictors of polycystic ovary syndrome, and patients are often obese.

However, some patients have found that his menstruation is obviously “completely messy” and excludes other organic diseases. Why does the hormone 6 test result show normal? Is this an explanation for endocrine disorders?

Sexual Hormone Abnormal Results 6 is one of the evidences of endocrine disorders, but the test results do not mean that it is not a normal endocrine disorder, which is necessarily due to the patient’s cognitive error, “the so-called endocrine disorders, refers to the entire cycle of Women have abnormal endocrine levels, and the examination can only show one time point and does not reflect the overall performance of endocrine.”

Does menstruation not regulate endocrine disorders? Organic lesions should be excluded

Menstrual drip is not too much, menstrual flow is small, menstrual thinning or even amenorrhea is a representative of menstruation is a problem that many women have experienced, some women in order to save trouble, do not move menstruation to think about the performance of endocrine disorders, even doctors do not watch Directly drink Chinese medicine “Training.” This is another misunderstanding of women’s endocrine disorders.

“Minstrual disorders can only indicate the possibility of endocrine disorders, whether it is endocrine disorders, but also through a series of examinations, in order to eliminate organic lesions before diagnosis. In fact, ovarian cysts, endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids and other diseases are Can also lead to menstrual disorders in women, if women do not pass the relevant examinations and exclude blindly according to endocrine disorders, drinking Chinese medicine conditioning, not only can not achieve the purpose of treatment, may also delay treatment opportunities.

What are the symptoms of endocrine disorders, always irritated, the skin is getting worse, it is easy to feel tired, do you know why this is the case? In fact, these phenomena all remind you of the disorder in the endocrine, then what are the symptoms of endocrine disorders?

Grumpy temper: Menopausal women often have some temper, emotional changes, sweating, temper, etc., which may be caused by decreased female endocrine function.

Skin deterioration: a lot of yellow spots appear on the face, acne, dark complexion, stains, rubbing a lot of cosmetics does not help, in fact, this is not only a skin problem, these spots are also endocrine. Instability is caused by poor stimulation of external elements.

Gynecological diseases: gynecological endocrine diseases are very common, endometriosis, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders are gynecological endocrine diseases, there are some breast diseases and endocrine disorders, and some facial spots are caused by gynecological diseases. Breast pain, breast hyperplasia, the main cause is endocrine disorders. The more important role of the mammary gland is to promote its growth and development by secreting estrogen. Therefore, once the endocrine disorder is disordered, it is easy to form breast hyperplasia and breast cancer.

Infertility: Some women have been married for many years, and their sexual life is normal, but there is no hope of pregnancy. Go to the hospital for examination, the doctor told it to adjust the endocrine first. Investigate the reason, because endocrine disorders make the brain skin insensitive to endocrine regulation; or endometrial damage, insensitive to female hormone response, reflex affects endocrine regulation, reducing the chance of successful pregnancy.

Premature leukocytosis: white hair early out may also be an endocrine problem. In addition, endocrine disorders, especially the reduction of sex hormone secretion, are the main cause of aging.


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