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Flowers are a very profound knowledge, and novices will improve some easy-to-follow lives at the beginning. But when you spend more and more time planting flowers, you may want to challenge yourself to plant some beautiful and delicate flowers, such as orchids. Orchids have always been loved by people, everyone likes its integrity and quality, but orchids may not be good. Let’s see

The orchid plants are compact in shape, the leaves are straight and long, and they are always green all the year round. After waiting for flowering, they emit a scent of scent, which can make people enjoy the beautiful scenery. However, the summer temperature is high, the cultivation of orchids is really difficult, especially the novices are a little careless to let it go directly to the fairies, but as long as the following points, you can guarantee the safety of the summer orchids, the blooming basin.


The summer temperature is higher, so the water evaporates faster, so we need to water the orchids to increase the number of times, keep the soil moist can be slightly, but when watering, you need to go along the soil at the edge of the soil, or get orchids, perishable heart, or you can Spray the orchids for a few weeks to cool down.


In the summer, the light is strong and resistant to shadows. If it is raised in a place with strong light, it will burn the leaves and slowly dry the leaves and even die directly. Therefore, in the summer orchid cultivation, you must give it a shade, when the light is weak, you can properly illuminate a little light.


In summer, the temperature is not only higher, but also hot and stuffy. If it is kept in a non-ventilated environment, the growth of orchids will be very unfavorable. So you can open more windows in the summer, when you are very hot, you can use an electric fan to blow up, which can speed up the air circulation.


In the summer, when the temperature is high, do not fertilize the roots, otherwise it is easy to burn off the roots of the orchids, so the loss is not worth it. You can moisturize the leaves of orchids with 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, which also complements the nutrition of orchids. You can also give the orchid some loose soil to prevent root rot.

When many people raise orchids, there are often problems, especially in summer, the leaves are easy to dry, and the burnt hair is yellow. Today, Xiaohua will tell you that the prevention and treatment of this kind of situation is basically no problem as long as the following points!

First, avoid exposure to the sun

The orchid is more delicate, its quietness and beauty is the favorite place of people, and this appearance is destined to only caress and caress. So don’t put it in a place with strong sunlight, otherwise the plant can stand. The first reaction is that the tip of the leaf appears dry. In fact, you only need to put it in a dark place, you can enjoy a little scattered radiation to maintain normal growth, it will not be beautiful after drying for too long.

Second, control the temperature

Orchids are neither cold nor heat resistant, so if they want to grow well, they must be kept at a certain temperature. Winter should not be lower than 10 degrees, otherwise it will be frostbite if it is too cold. Summer should not be higher than 30 degrees, otherwise the temperature is too high, the leaves are easy to dehydrate and become withered. So don’t put it in a hot place in summer. If not, just spray it in the air and keep the leaves moist.

Third, fertilization thin

There is a large demand for nutrients in orchids, and sufficient nutrients must be absorbed during the growth process. Otherwise, not only will the growth be slow, but the leaves will also wither. Therefore, fertilizer must be replenished in time, and some organic fertilizers can be used. However, a small amount of fertilizer is applied multiple times to allow the plants to absorb better and avoid excessive fertilizer and fertilizer damage.

Fourth, reasonable watering

The roots of orchids are juicy roots that have better water retention capacity because it is watered and not too frequent. It is best to wait until the soil is completely dry. Before each watering, it is easy to appear moisture, so the white root can not be accommodated and will be damaged, which will affect the growth of the leaves. Therefore, watering in the summer must be paid attention to, to maintain a certain amount of water in the soil, watering is not too often, but often can moisturize in the surrounding water.

Fifth, prevent disease

Insect pests will be more summer, and in order to ensure the normal growth of orchids, prevention work is also a lot. It can be sprayed every month to kill bacteria, which can effectively prevent some common viruses and pests.

Therefore, to improve the orchid’s ability to maintain a strong vitality, waiting for the weather to cool, and then open beautiful sweet flowers, very looking forward to?


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