Active fingers are good for the brain


In recent years, research has found that using fingers to directly stimulate cells is very beneficial to a healthy brain. Some scholars even pointed out that the most important thing in the brain is to move your fingers. Moving your fingers effectively is far more powerful than studying hard and memorizing.

Why does finger movement enhance brain function?

This is because there are about 14 billion brain cells in the human body at birth. After the age of 20, brain cells begin to die at a rate of 100,000 per day. By the age of 35, brain cells have been reduced by more than 500 million. This is why we feel the lack of vitality in middle age and the decline in thinking and memory in old age. In terms of sensory and motor function of the cerebral cortex, the finger is the largest proportion. Therefore, often the fingers stimulate the brain, can prevent and delay the process of cell aging degradation, and make the brain function lasting.

So how do we do it scientifically and reasonably?

Use your hands as much as possible. Always use one hand to stimulate only one side of the brain that controls the hand. People who like to use their right hand should practice their left hand more. If you use the left hand to hold the content, close the door and window, turn the page, etc. Left-handed people should also exercise their right hand.

Develop finger flexibility. Allow fingertips to participate in more complex activities such as assembling small plastic models, playing with small toys, using knife and pencil, and more.

Exercise skin sensitivity. Insensitivity to the skin feels that the brain feels blunt at the center, and the fingers should always be exposed to hot and cold stimuli such as cold and hot water to wash their hands.

Enhance the flexibility of the finger joints. This is good for the productivity of your brain. Such as pendant elbow writing, painting, knitting sweaters, etc.

Diversify your finger movements. The monotonous approach reduces finger flexibility and limits the flow of information between the brain and the fingers. Various forms of finger movements can be performed, and a fitness ball can be used to move the finger if necessary.


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