What water is used to develop milk powder to darling good to darling body


What kind of water is used to develop milk powder for your baby?
Water that meets drinking water standards is roughly divided into: tap water, mineral water, and purified water. Mineral water, as its name suggests, is a very rich mineral water. Whether it is adults or children, if you drink certain mineral water for a long time, it may cause excessive absorption of certain elements in the body and affect health.

Pure water refers to industrial pollutants that remove water, microorganisms and impurities by physical means, while also removing water from various constant elements and major trace elements. Drinking pure water for a long time may interfere with the body’s homeostasis. Because of its purity, water shortage should contain probiotics, etc., long-term drinking will lead to insufficient nutrient intake.

The best choice for infant formula that cools tap water after boiling, namely boiled water. Tap water after disinfection, or some of the chloride and nitrite will remain, so boil for 3 minutes to remove chlorine, and then cooled to develop milk powder. In addition, you can’t use rice soup, noodle soup, soy milk, etc. to develop milk powder, which will not only double the nutrients, but also affect the growth of your child’s development.

The following 5 types of water are not recommended for infant formula:
Treated water from a household water softener.

The device removes calcium, and the principle of magnesium plasma is replaced by salt (sodium), which makes the water sodium (salt) too much, which is not conducive to the baby’s kidney.

The water is filtered through a household filter.

If the water is not cleaned and tested in time, the filter may contain large amounts of bacteria, causing water contamination.

Leave the water in the thermos (kettle) for a period of time (more than 12 to 24 hours) or water from the boiling kettle.

Mineral water or mineral water.

Whether it is the presence of natural sodium or other minerals (mineral water) or the addition of sodium or other minerals (mineral water), it may be detrimental to your baby’s tender kidneys and increase the burden of excretion.

Boil the water again.

Repeated boiling or repeated boiling water, the nitrate and nitrite concentrations are higher, which is caused by evaporation and water concentration. It is easily contaminated by bacteria and the conversion from nitrate to nitrite increases.


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