Can bacterial vaginitis cause leucorrhea to increase?


First of all, the bacterial vagina is mainly caused by bacteria such as anaerobic bacteria and bacteria such as the gastrointestinal tract, leading to an imbalance of vaginal ecology in women, leading to acid-base imbalance and instability of beneficial bacteria. Patients with bacterial vaginitis often have strong white plaques or gray-yellow vaginal secretions, which generally become a phenomenon of increased vaginal discharge.

Then, in addition to abnormal vaginal discharge, bacterial vaginitis can also be accompanied by varying degrees of itching and burning sensation of the vulva, a small number of patients may also have lower abdominal pain, urinary symptoms and other symptoms. Pain and difficulty urinating.

Finally, remind women that bacterial negative inflammation is mainly due to the lack of concentration of personal hygiene in daily attention. Usually, the underwear is changed every day, and the vagina is wiped with a sanitary paper towel. During the period, there is an idea to avoid the infection of bacterial vaginitis. If it is really infected, bacterial vaginitis has symptoms such as abnormal leucorrhea, you should go to the hospital in time.

Female friends with increased bacterial vaginosis, leucorrhea abnormalities, SAO itching and other symptoms should go to the hospital in time, avoid taking drugs at will.


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