Children pneumonia diet points for attention


Dietary Polysaccharide: Sugar is a supplemental calorie that is simple in function and essentially free of other nutrients. If infant pneumonia patients eat more candy, it can inhibit the bactericidal effect of white blood cells in the body, eat more, inhibit more obvious, aggravate the condition.

Avoiding increases: Therefore, children with high calorie and water loss should diet high-protein diets, when the disease is high-protein diet: lean meat, fish and eggs are the main components of protein, protein metabolism is the final product of urea, children eat more Protein and urea excretion can also be supplemented appropriately to improve physical fitness.

Avoid spicy food: spicy food is irritating and flammable, so children with pneumonia in the diet should not add chili oil, pepper and spicy spices, otherwise it will have adverse consequences for children.

Avoid abuse of acetaminophen: just take too much acetaminophen when you have a fever, not only bad for the body, but also cover up the condition and delay treatment. Therefore, antipyretics should not be abused, and the symptoms of the drug should be used.

Avoid greasy and thick taste: the digestive function of children with pneumonia is low. If they eat a greasy and thick taste, it will affect the digestive function and will not be able to replenish the necessary nutrients in time, leading to a decline in disease resistance.


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