Mild cervical erosion


In general, mild cervical erosion does not manifest, there is basically no symptoms, most patients will not know that they have the disease. Or this is not true, because mild cervical erosion is not a separate disease, but a physiological phenomenon, more precisely cervical epithelial ectopic.

This situation is normal, does not affect your health, as long as you can heal yourself after a period of time, no problem without treatment. It is generally found that there is mild cervical erosion, which is basically inadvertently known through physical examination. Significant symptoms only occur when the cervical erosion is moderate or severe.

Severe cervical erosion can cause contact bleeding, vaginal bleeding after gynecological examination or sexual intercourse. What else is abnormal leucorrhea, pus and blood in the secretions. Often, this condition indicates inflammation of the cervix or, more seriously, true erosions and ulcers. The obvious symptoms of cervical erosion must be treated.

Mild cervical erosion does not require treatment, and patients must be clear about this. At the same time, we must adjust our living habits and maintain a stable and peaceful attitude. Do not eat spicy food on the diet.


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