What are the symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy?


Some symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy often manifest as increased frequency of urinary frequency, and the number of urination at night in the middle of life increases, should be paid attention to, during this period will also appear dysuria, always not free, usually life will also appear urinary incontinence.

Men with prostatic hypertrophy often have some blood in the urine. Some male friends often have some loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting anemia in long-term life, and they are also weak in spiritual life. These are symptoms.

Patients with enlarged prostate should avoid having to exercise their muscles and bones for a long time in life. Pay attention to your life, keep some of your own genital blood circulation, and avoid making them unable to urinate in life. Increase your tension

Patients with prostatic hypertrophy should be treated thoroughly in time to treat some inflammation of the prostate. In life, patients should also pay attention to not taking some very cold foods in daily life. These periods should not be angry.


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