What does the spirit factor of nerve sex dermatitis have


Hello, before we understand neurodermatitis, we should first understand the concept of neurodermatitis. Neurodermatitis refers to chronic skin diseases characterized by itching and mossy skin. Neurodermatitis, also known as chronic simple moss, usually occurs in adults.

According to current feedback, the most important cause of neurodermatitis comes from mental factors. These psychological factors include: excessive mood swings, and patients with long-term mental stress and anxiety are prone to induce neurodermatitis.

Another point is that changes in the environment can also cause neurodermatitis, because people need to adapt to a certain stage when changing the environment. This stage may be that people’s rest and rest are still adjusting, and the mood is even more fluctuating.

In general, mental factors are the most important cause of neurodermatitis. In addition, some other factors may also cause neurodermatitis. For example, people with gastrointestinal dysfunction and endocrine system dysfunction may also have neurodermatitis.


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