Wash dishes don’t use hand washing liquid to teach you how to wash dishes quickly to remove grease


As everyone knows, cleaning the kitchen is a headache. Even for some housewives who often do housework, the kitchen is a place to cook, but it is also a very dirty place, like the kitchen fume, which is difficult to clean when cleaning. In fact, you know, there are a lot of tips for cleaning the kitchen. Then I will introduce you to these practical tips and teach you how to clean the kitchen.

Dishwashing liquid is an essential part of the family to remove stains, it can clean dishes, clean vegetables and fruits. However, the essence of the washing essence is very harmful. After using the washing essence, it will cause allergic skin on the hands, and it will also cause rough skin on the hands and even molting. How to make this kind of washclean essence hurt?

Why does the dish soap hurt your hand?

Many people’s misunderstandings always think that the catharsis relies on alkaline oiliness, hurts the hands, and feels burned because of alkali and hurts hands. However, many detergents are now obviously neutral, or hand injuries. What happened here?

In fact, it is not a problem of alkaline or alkaline, because sulfonic acid is generally added to the washing essence. Sulfonic acid is a very strong surfactant, and the oil on the tableware that washes your skin is also washed.

Hand sanitizer

1, dry allergy

Washing cleans the essential chemical components that absorb the skin’s moisture while purifying the stain, may be harmful to the skin, and make the hand dry, sensitive, and fragile. Occasionally there are rejection reactions such as erythema, itching and so on. It can even cause skin irritation.

2, degreasing aging

The damage of the detergent to the skin is quite large, and the irritation of the skin is mainly reflected in non-fat. The stronger the decontamination ability, the stronger the degreasing. After prolonged contact, the oil secreted by the skin is washed away, which causes the skin to dry, the stratum corneum to age and fall off, and severe allergic reactions. After using the washing essence, consumers should always apply a protective skin cream on the hands to maintain the skin’s oil and moisture.

What should I do if I wash my essence?

Dishwashing agents won’t hurt your hands too much. Use those junk products to damage the skin. You can choose to wear rubber gloves to wash, not only to avoid touching the hands, but also to protect your hands from chemical cleaning. In order to damage more, you can say two birds.

  1. Rinse with water as much as possible after the event, then soak it in water for a few minutes with vinegar.

3, take a spoonful of olive oil, add a little sugar, pour on the back of the hand, then gently massage the other hand with your palm for 5 minutes, alternating your hands. When the olive oil is completely absorbed by the skin and is not sticky, rinse with water. Protects the oil layer, making the hand elastic and radiant, while avoiding damage such as detergent.

  1. It is recommended to wipe some hand cream after washing.

5, rub the hand with the vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 1:5 very good on the skin, put your hands in the flowing water, wash a few times.


Why do we use detergents because detergents are harmful to human skin? In the current environment, timely detergent can cause damage to our skin, but it brings us a lot. Very convenient, it is difficult for us to leave detergent. In addition, we can avoid detergent damage in some way, so we still enjoy the benefits of detergent.

Taomi Water – Dishwashing Oil

For the cleaning of tableware, many people use detergents because they are very useful for oil stains. Every time you wash the dishes, you need to pour some detergent, and the detergent is easy to clean. The stains on these cutlery are difficult to clean, so today I will share with you something that can be removed without detergent.

That is the rice water, the rice water has a strong ability to clean the oil. Generally, when we wash the dishes, by the way, the rice water can be poured in, it can clean the oil. This method is very clean and the most important thing is that water can be recycled and it is very environmentally friendly. In addition to using rice water, savvy housewives will use a washing pot brush to control the output of the detergent. When the detergent is used up or the amount is small, one press can increase the detergent and immediately brush out the bubbles and decontaminate. The effect is very substantial.

Edible salt – cleaning the sink

The swimming pool in our kitchen must be dishwashed and dishwashed, which can easily contaminate the grease in the dishwashing water. If you have a suitable cleaner in your home, you can use the relevant cleaner directly.

If you don’t have it at home, you can sprinkle a little salt in a greasy place and then wipe it up and down with plastic wrap. Wipe and rinse with warm water several times to make the pool shine. In the surrounding area or corner of the pool, you can use a toothbrush to clean the salt and soapy water. This is more convenient. The water cover in the water is also best soaked in warm soapy water for 20-30 minutes to achieve the desired decontamination effect.

Baking soda – kitchen wall cleaning

The kitchen has been in use for a long time and the walls are dirty. This is inevitable, but cleaning is not too much trouble. Just place the paper towel on the tile and spray some detergent on the wall. When the oil rises automatically, remove the toilet paper and wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth. There are also some fine seams of tiles that are difficult to clean with special strength. You can mix them with baking soda and a small amount of water, then brush them where they need to be cleaned, wait 10 minutes, then rinse with water. If the seams and the seams at the tile seams are so severe, you can also This is based on the use of some white vinegar, saving effort and good results.

After the tiles are cleaned, routine maintenance work should be done, paste the kitchen wall stickers, and attach the oil-proof cloth to the tiles to prevent oil stains from polluting the walls and tiles, and reduce the amount of cleaning work.

6, for those with poor quality fake washing powder, there is no way not to hurt your hand. In addition, it is even a superior product, there will be various problems, security issues can not be ignored. It is best to buy hand sanitizer.


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