What harm does take reducing weight medicine to have


There are a lot of people who are too much in pursuit of perfect body, always try to lose weight, what kind of diet pills are going to try. However, this blind weight loss will only seriously affect your health and bring a series of adverse reactions. However, we may not understand the side effects of diet pills and then let the small make up for it.

(1) anorexia symptoms: taking diet pills can cause anorexia symptoms, which can reduce eating and weight loss, but this is through the symptoms of the central nervous system, so long-term use of diet pills, appetite will be greatly reduced, aggravation of anorexia symptoms will seriously affect health.

(2) Dry mouth: If you take diet pills for a long time, it is easy for people to burn a lot of fat and calories, and then there will be a series of uncomfortable symptoms such as sweat and dry mouth, which may cause serious dehydration.

(3) palpitations and insomnia: Many diet pills are central stimulants, which often make the nervous system become overexcited after using the drug. It is easy to suffer from insomnia at night, even if they can sleep, they often dream and are basically sleeping. Ephedrine drugs can cause heart palpitations, palpitations and dizziness, and some may have symptoms of dizziness and systemic deficiency.

(4) Vomiting and diarrhea: Most diet pills contain diuretic and diarrhea. Some women take diet pills and the frequency of going to the toilet will increase. This is the symptom of taking excessive laxatives. Mild abdominal pain, nausea, severe cases may lead to irregular menstruation, severe dehydration and other uncomfortable reactions.

Read the above article, we should all understand the harm of diet pills, so do not shamelessly use this way to lose weight in the future, we must pay attention to choose some reasonable scientific methods, so we can ensure health on the basis of effective weight loss.


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