A neat little trick to make the bathroom cleaner


Remove water stains

Faucets and other stainless steel products and bathroom mirrors often leave water stains, look a little, lemon all two, wipe the stainless steel surface with pulp, then wipe with a paper towel, now clean position!

Toilet brush cleaning

Many times people know how to use the toilet brush to clean the toilet tool, but few people pay attention to the cleaning of the toilet brush itself. In fact, just after cleaning the toilet tool, press the flush button to flush the toilet brush and then clamp it in the air between the toilet gasket. This simple action prevents the toilet brush from breeding bacteria due to long-term moisturization.

Tile clearance

Most of the bathroom floor is made of ceramic tile, that is, the toilet is cleaned daily, but the aperture between the tiles often becomes hygienic and dead angle. A bag of baking soda can solve this problem, using old-fashioned soda powder to wash the toothbrush. The contrast can see the effect.

Let the flowers stop blocking

In serious areas of water and alkali, the problem of showers being blocked by scale is often caused. In this case, only a plastic bag is used to fill the white vinegar cover to cover the shower, and it is allowed to stand for 15 minutes. A wonderful chemical reaction occurs, and the flowers are immediately sprinkled and patted.

Disinfecting air

The bathroom is often wet and has poor ventilation. It can be used as a greenhouse for bacterial growth. The solution mixed with half-water and half-vinegar is used as an air disinfection spray. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and economical, and can be obtained by standing up.

The mirror must be absolutely clean

The mirrors in the bathroom are always satisfied by steam and sputum. Maybe you can touch the splashing soap bubbles. It is obviously futile to use wet rags. Try the old newspapers, and you will never think of the effect. This is the clean aunt with the old housekeeping experience. Secret weapon. This method is also suitable for window cleaning.

Shower screen cleaning

For a long time, there will often be water or soap and bath products splashing residue, affecting the beauty and hard cleaning again, teach you a trick: apply a thin lemon essential oil on the shower screen to prevent splashing foam from sticking Go up; maybe learn to learn some hardworking and intelligent housewives, prepare an old towel in the bathroom, and wipe the shower screen to prevent persistent stains.

Carefully maintained ceramic products

Ceramic basins and bathtubs clean up and work hard, both clean and avoid demarcation. Use multi-purpose soda, soft and clean scrub to keep ceramic products clean and clean.

Cleaning fan

Don’t forget, the bathroom fan is also the enemy of collecting bacteria dust for many years. Buy a bottle of air conditioner to use the cleaning and disinfectant in the supermarket. Sprinkle it will give you twice the effect.


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