5 tips for creating a clean and tidy workspace


The workbench is messy, you can’t find it, you can’t find it, you can accidentally beat your cup… In a messy state, it will not only seriously affect the work efficiency, but also affect the mood. The hair on the trigger is very easy to touch ~ because it is necessary to make a clean and tidy workbench for yourself. Let’s start now. Where should we start?

1,Only keep the necessities on the desktop

Simply place winter essentials on your desktop: one computer, one or two pens, a convenient “postal”, a mobile phone, files or materials needed for two days, and other things in a folder or drawer.

2,Place the odds and the end in the nearest drawer

Spare pens, erasers, clips, paper clips, staplers – everyday parts – must be placed in a drawer, preferably with a compartment so that the drawer does not make a mess.

3,Proper use of walls and station partitions

Using the upper space instead of the front is a handy and practical tip. Write a todolist on the whiteboard; note not to be visible everywhere, preferably in a small area; there are less common but important items that can be hung on the back of the partition so that you don’t look too messy It is.

4,Submit regularly

Don’t be too confident about your memory. Immediately after completion, archive on paper or in all files on your computer. Don’t think about “doing it later.” You will end up with more files than you can handle.

5,Organize before leaving work

Every day, 10 minutes before you leave, put everything in your work area and bring it back, so that when you arrive the next morning, you can immediately go to your new job instead of running around Clean up your work. station.

Need to develop good storage habits, I believe it will make you more efficient!


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