How to alleviate eye fatigue in the life


Eye fatigue is a common eye disease that can cause dry eyes, cramps, soreness, blurred vision and even decreased vision, which directly affect people’s work and life. The main reason for eye fatigue is that people usually concentrate on the computer screen, the number of blinks in the eyes is reduced, resulting in a corresponding decrease in tear secretion, while the flashing screen is strongly irritating to the eyes. It can cause pain in the neck, shoulders and other parts of the body. It can also cause and aggravate various eye diseases.

More and more people are now feeling tired. This is because we live in a modern society with unprecedented technological development. Computers, television, or video hold people’s eyes tightly on the screen, causing severe visual impairment in the long run. Some existing measures to protect vision are not enough.

Here are some practical tips to help relieve eye strain:

Adjusting light

Reading in dim light will not hurt your eyes, but if the light does not provide enough contrast, your eyes will be easily tired. Use soft lighting to provide a contrast between light and dark. Do not use a light that reflects light directly into your eyes.

Rest at the appropriate time

If you work 6-8 hours in front of your computer, please take a break every 2-3 hours. Have a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom, or just remove your eyes from the computer for 10-15 minutes.

Adjust the brightness of your computer screen

The letters and numbers on the computer screen are like tiny light bulbs that send light directly to your eyes. Therefore, you need to reduce the screen brightness and adjust the brightness contrast to make the font clear.

Let your eyes rest well

The best way to relieve eye strain is to rest your eyes, which is easier than you think. You can call with your eyes closed. If you don’t need to read or write anything, you can close your eyes and rest while chatting.

Practicing yoga

Yoga is not only a way to gain insight into the heart, but also a good way to restore vision.

Apply tea leaves to your eyes

Dip the towel into the millet tea, lie flat, then apply a warm towel to your eyes for 10-15 minutes. This will relieve eye strain, but be careful not to spill tea into your eyes. At the same time, let the millet tea cool for a while, then immerse it in a towel.

Warm your eyes with your hands

Put your hands together until they get hot. Next, close your eyes and cover your eyes with your palm. Do not press your eyes or cover. Breathe deeply, slowly, and imagine the darkness. Do 20 minutes a day to help relieve eye strain.


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