How much do you know about the dangers of always having a full bladder


The weather is changeable and the temperature is often low, so people usually like to brush his mobile phone in bed, watch TV, and urinating as the most important biological behavior, because some friends are really lazy or delayed, so they often like to suppress in the cold. In the weather, some friends really have a habit because they can’t always fill the bladder. Over time, this has become a habit. But keeping urine for a long time can be very harmful.

When it comes to keeping urine, I am sure it happens to men and women. But a complete bladder can cause pregnancy, so what happened? Let’s see. Many of us have experienced urine, especially in the cold winter, we are lazy about everything, let alone go to the bathroom.

Therefore, many people want to stay for a while, but it is very harmful to the body to urinate for a long time, and may even make women infertile. Some people may feel strange, have heard vaginitis, ovarian cysts and other gynecological diseases infertility, but urinating infertility is a bit exaggerated? Ms. Qian, 32, has been married for nearly five years and has been unable to have children. Checked to the hospital, said to be endometriosis.

According to doctors, the reason for this is that you have to urinate for a long time. Since Ms. Qian is the cashier at the mall, the system and long-term customers who are eager to pay their bills are unable to go to the toilet at any time. She has to endure the urge to urinate, leading to infertility.

Why can I prevent urine from causing infertility?

The female bladder and uterus are close neighbors and are located in the pelvis. The bladder is in the front and the uterus is in the back. The urine causes the bladder to fill, squeezing the uterus and moving it backwards. In a short period of time, occasional urinating, the pressure on the uterus is not a big impact, when the pressure disappears, the uterus can return to its original position. However, if you urinate for a long time or often, it is difficult to recover after the uterus moves backwards.

No matter how urgent your work is, you should never defeat your “three urgent needs.”

The accused have “three urgency”. Many women sit in the office, often because of their working relationship and the meaning of urinating. They are persistent and long-lasting. Female urethra is short, pelvic complex, urinary system is more susceptible to infection than men.

If you often urinate, bladder enlargement will force the uterus, hinder the outflow of menstrual blood, and may also cause severe dysmenorrhea. You should urinate once before you go out. Whether it’s work, study, or during a meeting, try to choose a “half-time” time to make yourself “convenient.”

After keeping the urine for a period of time, empty the bladder as soon as possible. The best way is to add a lot of water and force yourself to urinate several times. This has a flushing effect on the bladder and can avoid bacterial proliferation in the bladder.

Urinary tract infection

Because this action is to excrete waste outside the body, every time the urethral opening in the urine will cause some bacteria, if there is normal urination, there will be no problem, but some friends, for some reasons, do not want to miss the wonderful TV series. The content, or because the bed is too cold, do not want to come out, etc., for these reasons, many friends tend to fill the bladder, bacteria can not be eliminated in time to accumulate, and then lead to urinary tract infection.

Your bladder is not good

This well-behaved bladder is consciously resistant to nerve stimulation to the body. It is a behavior that resists physiological needs. It is well known that the bladder is where urine is stored. The bladder also has a capacity limitation, but when a complete bladder is long. Time can cause the urine to compress the blood vessels to the bladder, which can cause serious damage. The function of the bladder may affect the normal urination in the future.

Urinary calculi

The cause of urinary calculi is often bladder filling. Bladder urine is prone to precipitate some small crystal particles due to long-term full bladder retention time, and once the crystal particles can not be treated in time, it can lead to urinary stones, urinary stones males. The average probability of occurrence is higher than that of women.

In addition, urinary tract stones may cause some common infection symptoms, such as hematuria or difficulty urinating. Once this happens, it is recommended to seek medical attention as soon as possible and recover as soon as possible.

Urine can cause too much damage to the human body. Some friends need to pay attention to urine for various reasons. Once the urinary system is severely damaged, the consequences are difficult to accept.

But sometimes there is really no way, but you can try to make a complete bladder as little as possible. For the future health of the body, we also need to exercise more, develop good eating habits, eat more fruits and vegetables, and ensure their work and rest. Domination, staying up late, only then can we build a strong body, because the body is the capital of the revolution, protects its body and lays a solid foundation for the struggle!


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