Lumbar disease prevention and nursing and diet


do not catch a cold:

According to Chinese medicine, “the cold causes pain, the pain causes nowhere, and blood stasis.” When the muscles are attacked by cold evil, the movement of blood and blood is blocked, and the meridians are not smooth, causing pain. So we have to stay warm.

Don’t be lazy:

Living a lazy life can only make you more lazy. Give yourself a reasonable exercise plan and be consistent and strengthen the toughness of your waist muscles. So we have to exercise.

Don’t sleep on a soft bed:

Sleeping on a soft bed will stretch your waist and your muscles will stretch and stretch for a long time. Sleeping in a hard bed will relax your waist muscles and restore their ability to compensate faster. So we have to sleep on a hard bed.

Don’t overwork:

Excessive use of the lumbar vertebrae will only cause the corresponding muscles, ligaments, joints and other wear and tear to accelerate, premature occurrence of low back pain and leg pain, so that you can experience old life as soon as possible. So we have to combine work and rest.

Don’t make mistakes:

Writing requires “horizontal and vertical”, just as our cockroaches need to be “horizontal and upright”. Poor sitting can cause one side of the muscles to stretch excessively, causing static damage, which can also cause uneven pressure on the disc, leading to related diseases. So we have to have the right posture.

Don’t do anything unplanned:

Some people will say, “I just bend down and can’t move; I sneeze, my lower back doesn’t work.” This is because you didn’t wake up your waist muscles and prepare for an emergency, which could lead to acute lumbar spine problem. So we should warm up before doing any exercise, that is: a small amount of activity at the waist, wake up the muscles, and get it ready to work. So we must be prepared.

Don’t overdo it:

Excessive exercise only causes the lumbar spine to be in a state of high tension for a long time, increasing the load on the lumbar spine and accelerating the degree of tension and degeneration. So moderate exercise.

Eight, no burden:

The weight is the “big fear of lumbar protrusion”. As the age increases, the degree of toughness of the intervertebral disc will be weakened. Therefore, the weight of the lumbar vertebrae can be induced or the lumbar protrusion can be aggravated. Think about it: Since the school is cutting students, we need to reduce the lumbar spine.

Don’t bend over:

I don’t understand the mistake. It doesn’t bend here. It doesn’t make us bend. We carry heavy items with you. When picking up the items, try not to bend or bend them. You should do the squat first to reduce the waist load and raise the things again. stand up. So we have to kneel down to pick them up.

Don’t jump the gun:

Do not blindly go to the irregular massage mechanism for lumbar spondylosis, because the cause of the disease, symptomatic treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Therefore, the correct treatment is our safe to prevent recurrence of lumbar disease. So we have to correct judgment and treatment.

Prevention and nursing of lumbar disease

(1) Waist protection: The bed should be soft and hard, avoiding the bed too hard or too soft, so that the waist muscles are fully rested; avoiding the waist being attacked by the wind and cold, avoiding the waist being in a long position, the muscle strength is unbalanced, and the waist strain is caused.

(2) Correct use of the waist: When lifting heavy objects, you should first kneel down. When the waist is too long, you should change the waist position and do waist activity to prevent gradual strain. Due to the nature of work, excessive waist or slight strain, you should avoid strain. Further aggravation eventually leads to degeneration of the lumbar spine.

(3) Lumbar health care exercise: adhere to the lumbar health care exercise, often carry out lumbar spine movements, the lumbar spine always maintains physiological stress, strengthen the lumbar muscles and abdominal movements. The strength of the lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles can increase the stability of the lumbar spine, strengthen the protection of the lumbar spine, and prevent degenerative changes in the lumbar spine.

(4) Suggest moderate physical activity. Exercise may cause shock and crushing pressure on the spine, extreme rotation, flexion and other exercises may cause lumbar injury, leading to early deterioration or deterioration. Understanding these mechanisms helps people choose and regulate physical activity.

What are the dietary treatments for lumbar disease? In our life, lumbar disease is a relatively common orthopedic disease. It is well known that the treatment of lumbar disease must be completed as soon as possible to avoid more harm to patients. In order to obtain better therapeutic effect, we will understand lumbar disease. Diet therapy has a lot to do with adjuvant therapy.

The main dietary therapies for lumbar disease are as follows:

1,Eucommia kidney: 50 grams of Eucommia, 4 grams of sheep kidney. Remove the fascia from the kidney of the sheep, cut it and wash it, then bake the outsole, cover the sheep’s kidney with the outer lotus leaf, then cover with 2 or 3 layers of wet paper, cook slowly, and cook slowly. Pair it with a little white wine. This side of the kidney and kidney, dredge Tongluo.

2, walnut black bean pig kidney soup: black beans 90 grams, 60 grams of walnuts, a pair of pig kidney, cooked food, kidney and replenishing, nourishing effect.

3, cashew porridge: a pair of pig kidney, 100 grams of glutinous rice, scallion, MSG, ginger, salt, rice wine amount. Wash the pig kidney and remove the fascia. Cut into small pieces. Add boiling water. Wash the glutinous rice, add some water and simmer into a porridge, add the cashew flower and the above seasonings, and cook them. This prescription is for patients with lumbar disc herniation and weak waist and knees and difficulty walking.

4,Clean the sesame seeds with 15 grams. Stir them until they become mud. Eat breakfast every day.

5, dry mussels 300 grams of ground, black sesame seeds 150 grams fried, mix well, one spoon each morning and evening.


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