Summer car wash nine points for attention


Can wash the car w/ith dishwashing liquid

When it comes to the car wash owners know that car wash is often done car maintenance, the owner wants to wash dirty clothes, so as not to affect the appearance, but there are certain exquisite car wash, I believe that some car owners still know. So, can the dishwashing liquid wash the car?

The answer is no.

Dishwashing liquid is mainly used for tableware, fruits and vegetables. It can also clean some kitchen utensils (such as cooking utensils). Dishwashing liquids can also be used to wash parts of clothing (such as dirty shirt necklines, etc.) and silk wool clothing, but it has no additional features such as shrinkage and smashing.

Dishwashing liquid is an alkaline detergent that has a great destructive effect on automotive paint. If the car washes with a dishwashing liquid for a long time, the surface of the car will gradually lose its luster.

How to wash the car with dishwashing liquid

The most fundamental purpose of car washing is to wash the stains of the car. The water should not be cleaned with water. What kind of car wash is also exquisite. Car wash detergents for car washing now can be basically divided into four types: washing powder, washing powder, special car wash liquid, wax water. But how about washing the car with dishwashing liquid?

It is not appropriate to wash the car with dishwashing liquid.

The cleaning ingredient in the dishwashing liquid is usually sulfonic acid, which makes it easy to whiten the paint and lose its original luster.

General dishwashing liquids are also alkaline products. Although some dishwashing liquids are neutral, long-term use can cause hand injury, such as peeling of the hands and other phenomena.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to wash the car with dishwashing liquid.

Car wash at 9 o’clock in summer

In the summer, car wash is a method used by many car owners to cool cars. From the perspective of car beauty, car wash is the most basic project and needs more attention. Don’t underestimate the car wash. The beautiful car introduces the car owner of the summer car wash to nine points of concern, hot car, directly wash away the most harmful car paint in the hot sun, and accelerate the aging of the car paint.

Avoid washing the car without cooling down completely.

This will cause the engine to age prematurely. Car paint is still in the case of very hot car wash, it will make the car paint shrink, the original smooth car paint will become dull and even crack, from the car beauty point of view, car wash should wait for the car to return to normal temperature Especially, just running long distances, especially pay attention not to wash the car immediately.

Avoid washing the car under the scorching sun.

This will leave traces of dry water on the car body, which will seriously affect the car wash effect. Whether it is the owner of his car wash or the car wash shop, be careful not to wash the car in the sun.

Do not wash with water other than soft water.

These include hot water, alkaline water and harder water. Because these substances can damage the paint. Wash with hard water, leaving marks and film on the car’s surface.

Avoid using high pressure water to clean your body.

Excessive water pressure can damage the paint. If you have any hard dirt on your car, soak it in water and rinse it with water. Spray by dispersing water.

Do not use detergent casually.

The body may have strong corrosive stains, such as asphalt, oil, birds, insects, such as feces, these stains are difficult to clean, must be the right way, car wash, should be soaked in soapy water; do not use gasoline, detergent or thinner to clean car.

Avoid using a hard cleaning tool to remove dirt.

Such as a plastic brush, the blade scrapes off the stain, which can easily damage the paint.

Do not add dishwashing detergent at will.

Washing powder, detergent and inferior soap are not allowed. Because these detergents contain alkali, they remove grease from the paint and accelerate its aging. Do not add detergent when washing the car.

Don’t brush.

After rinsing, many people like to wipe; wiping has two main problems: using an unqualified wipe and wiping the wrong way. To wipe, use a soft, clean soft cloth or sponge. Wipe in the direction of water flow, gently wipe from top to bottom, can not draw a circle or horizontal rub test.

Avoid oil pollution.

Do not touch the surface of the car with greasy hands, or apply greasy tools or organic solvents to the body, as this may cause the paint to fade prematurely.


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